Santiago Path

Santiago de Compostela is in Galicia, 120 km from the border of Valença, north of Portugal.

The Santiago Track is an ancient route taken by millions of pilgrims since the beginning of the ninth century, when it was discovered the tomb of the Apostle James the Greater.

Since then, people from many different nations go through these paths that lead to the Cathedral where they venerate the relics of the Holy Apostle, giving rise to a phenomenon that is reinforced every day.

Quinta do Sobreiro is in Portuguese route to Santiago by the Central Path, the most traveled in Portugal, on the route which traditionally begins in Porto, passing by Barcelos, Ponte de Lima and Valença.

Precisely in the path “Barcelos – Ponte de Lima – 32km”, the 3rd step after departure from Porto, you will find the Quinta do Sobreiro in the parish of Facha about 5 kilometers from the finish the Ponte de Lima. This is the ideal place to stay overnight and recuperate with a special price for Pilgrims includes specially designed breakfast for them.